1 - What kind of raw materials do you use to produce your holsters?

Our products are made using the highest quality raw materials like original cordura by Dupont, top quality Italian leather, original Kydex thermo molded polymer, Nylon PA6.6 or Aytrel injection molded polymers.

2 - How can I see all the holsters available for a gun?

In each section (Duty, Tactical, Concealment) there’s a menu “Available for” with the list of guns model arranged by trade marks.
You have two options:

1) choose your gun from the list “Available for” and the holsters available will be shown.
2) choose a holster and check your gun in the list “Available For”

3 - What can I do if my gun isn’t in your list of guns “Available For”?

The guns list is in constant update so you can ask for availability using the “Contacts Form”.

4 - How can I measure the length of my gun’s barrel?

Revolvers are measured from the front of the cylinder to the end of the muzzle. Pistols are standardly measured from the breach face to the muzzle. See the link “Sizes Chart”.

5 - Are your holsters produced for left handed shooters too?

Yes, most of our holsters are produced for left handed person too. Check the availability in the product sheet below the section “Available For”.
Some holsters are ambidextrous so they can be used both from right and left handed shooters.

6 - How can I choose a right or a left hand holster?

You just have to click on the right or the left grey hand below the search list “Available for”.

7 - Do tension screws need to be adjusted on the holsters?

Yes frequently tension screws become loose so if you use your holster daily, take care to check and tighten them if necessary.

8 - My holster safety system doesn’t run well, what shall I do?

For any troubles/problems on the right operation of safety systems we advise you to stop using your holster and contact us filling the “Contact Form” explaining your doubts/problems.

9 - Where are the colors/sizes of products indicated?

You can find colors and sizes of our products directly in the sheet of the product selected.

10 - How can I choose the correct size of belts?

Measure one belt you have at home from the inside edge of the buckle to the center hole, this will determine the size of belt you need to order. Otherwise you can check with the link “Sizes Chart” that you find below the description in every belts sheets.

11 - How can I choose the correct size of gloves?

You can check with the link “Sizes Chart” that you find below the description in every gloves sheets.

12 - In some products is specified that it is available for Baby Auto , Small Auto, Medium Auto,Large Auto Compact or Large Auto. What does it mean and how can I know my gun’s category?

The products with this kind of indication are products which can contain different kinds of guns with similar or same size.
Here below you can find a small example:

Baby Auto: authomatic guns similar for dimensions/sizes to Beretta Tom Cat/950, Browning 25,
Walther TPH or similar.
Small Auto: authomatic guns similar for dimensions/sizes to Walther PPK, S&W Chief Special,
Ruger LCP or similar.
Medium Auto: authomatic guns similar for dimensions/sizes to Beretta 84/85, Walther PP, Sig
Sauer P230/232, Kel-tec or similar.
Large Auto Compact: authomatic guns similar for dimensions/sizes to Sig Sauer 228/229, Beretta
PX4, H&K USP Compact/P2000, Glock 19/23 or similar.
Large Auto: authomatic guns similar for dimensions/sizes to Beretta 92/98, Sig Sauer 225/226, FN,
CZ 75/85 SP01 or similar.

13 - Does VH do custom work?

Thank you for thinking of VH for your custom holster and accessory needs. Unfortunately, VH
doesn’t do any custom work at this time.

14 - Can a VH holster be modified?

Your VH holster should only be used with the specific handgun and under the specified circumstances for which it was designed. Any alteration to your handgun or holster may increase the chance for an accidental discharge of your firearm.

15 - Are there any safety warnings on your products?

Great care must be taken when handling, storing or moving firearms or when placing or removing a handgun from a new holster.
Never put a loaded pistol into the holster without testing first the fitting. It’s the user’s responsibility to check personally that the firearm and the holster are compatible.
When placing the gun into the holster, especially when the holster is new or is in a rigid material, support the pistol hammer with your thumb finger and insert it carefully.
When choosing a product, consider first how you dress and how you carry your firearm.
Before using your new holster practice drawing the gun: the holster will adapt better to the firearm and you’ll know better the product.
The firearm and its accessories should be regularly checked to taste their correct work.
Holsters should never be alterated because modifications could cause accidental discharges.

16 - My leather/cordura holster is too tight! What's the best way to break it in?

All our leather holsters are hand fitted and part of the production process includes a wet molding of the holster. One of the side effects of wet molding is a consolidation of the leather fibers, which causes “shrinkage” of the holster. This is a natural process and your gun will fit in the holster perfectly with use. This does not represent any defect of the holster. It is important, when holstering your gun for the first time to try several times to insert the gun into the holster naturally without forcing it. Otherwise, it may be very difficult to remove the gun from the holster.
If your new holster is too tight, please follow the simple steps to break in your holster:

Step 1
Place the unloaded gun in a thin (0,5/1 mm) plastic bag.
Step 2
Put the bagged gun slowly into the holster. Twist the gun gently side-to-side to minimize tearing of the bag.
Step 3
Once the gun is completely seated in the holster, twist it about 1/16” in both directions 6-12 times.
Step 4
Allow the bagged gun to sit in the holster at least for a couple of hours.
Step 5
Remove the gun from the holster.
Step 6
Put the unloaded gun into the holster again, it should fit better now.
Step 7
You can repeat the above steps until the holster is broken in to your satisfaction.

You can follow these steps with a cordura holster, too.

17- How do I care for my VH product?

VH products are made from the finest hand-made and natural materials. Guidelines on how to care, and store our products, can be found clicking in the link “Care and Maintenance of VH Products”.

18 - Does VH have a warranty?

VH has a warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. You can see the VH warranty by clicking in the link “Sales Condition”.

19 - What is your return policy?

Read about return policy our “Sales Conditions”.

20 - How long does it take to prepare and ship my order?

Our products are generally in stock and we can prepare and ship your order quickly.

21 - How can I contact you?

Do not hesitate to contact us using the “Contacts Form” at the top of our website the page.