In 1992, Lio Toschi, together with his wife Giovanna Follati and their son Francesco Toschi found Vega Holster, a family-run company with the intention of producing quality holsters and accessories.

The Toschi family initiative takes shape in 1993 in a small workshop in the province of Pisa, where the first products are made and sold. At the beginning, only a few people work at Vega, mostly craftsmen, there is a small stockroom and the clients are mainly Italian. Within a few years, Vega Holster becomes one of the most recognized brands in the sector, gaining leadership on the national market and conquering the international one. Today, the company grounds include over 6000 sq.m, its catalogue includes over 1,000 articles and its annual production has reached over 500,000 pieces.


The quality of our products is the distinguishing feature that quickly led Vega Holster to establish itself among the most appreciated brands in the sector.

Our commitment, continuously and passionately aimed at raising all the requirements of Vega Holster equipment to the highest levels, is articulated on many fronts  

  • Targeted technology: use of the latest generation of tools designed specifically for us.
  • Innovative research and development: for unique and exclusive products capable of meeting the latest needs.
  • Design: attention to details achieved thanks to the expert contribution of professionals in the field, who have been collaborating with Vega Holster for years.
  • Performance: repeated tests of resistance and reliability of our products deployed on operating theaters around the world.
  • Safety: fundamental features of every product for operators involved in high-risk missions.

  These elements have always been an integral part of the Vega Holster “DNA” and are the basis of common values to all our staff because, only a close-knit team united in aspirations can guarantee excellent results and reward us with the constant renewal of "your" TRUST.