Vega Holster always ahead



Since 1993, Vega Holster has become one of the most recognized brands in the production of holsters and products for the  Law Enforcement and Security sector, with a reputation for its exceptional quality, performance and innovation worldwide.


Today, the Headquarters grounds include over 6000SqMt, its catalogue includes over 1,000 articles and its annual production has reached over 500,000 pieces.


The design of every product is focused on gear for everyone who wants to be efficient and successful in their field. In order to enhance performance everyone needs to wear simply the best equipment for their safety.


Vega Holster main expertise starts by merging quality and innovation, in new designs of injection molded holsters, belts, cases, pouches and accessories for duty, tactical and concealment use.


The way how safety, retention and fit blend together is really outstanding. This is due to the fact that most of the holsters are handcrafted to fit specific gun models and thus are made to accommodate the gun perfectly and most important - in a safe way.


Vega Holster slogan was crafted to express the every day primary goal to reach from research and development, what materials to pick, the attention placed on details during all production phases - whether they are handcrafted or technological, assembly of all the components, final checks, packing, shipping and post-shipping, sales and post-sales.


That is why, in all of this and in the minds of those who make all this possible, their slogan is “ALWAYS AHEAD”. Always looking ahead with commitment, dedication and collaboration from their entire team so they can continue to improve on their products, continuously giving their clients more suitable tools for their passions and their work. 


Vega Holster achieved  to establish itself among the most appreciated brands in the sector because of the quality of their products.


Their continuous commitment has been directed at raising all the requirements to the highest levels, and they always take this aspects when creating new products:

Targeted technology: use of the latest generation of tools designed specifically for us.

Innovative research and development: for unique and exclusive products capable of meeting the latest needs.

Design: attention to details achieved thanks to the expert contribution of professionals in the field, who have been collaborating with Vega Holster for years.

Performance: repeated tests of resistance and reliability of our products deployed on operating theaters around the world.

Safety: fundamental features of every product for operators involved in high-risk missions.


These elements have always been an integral part of the Vega Holster “DNA”.