C2T2 pistol/knife integration course at 5.11 Broward

On July 6, 2019, from 9am through noon at 5.11 Broward, come learn about the C2T2 pistol/knife integration course.  This program is designed to teach combative skills in a weapons based environment (introduction of a gun or knife). The material in the course teaches students high level, yet basic and easy to learn concepts, principles, theory, and techniques. The course starts from ground zero, building the students in a step by step process, then as new or enhanced skills are developed students are put in scenarios to test application of new material in dynamic environments. These environments are based on common scenarios that catch people off guard in violent situations. Fighting and shooting are rarely done at the same time in training, yet in reality, they are happening at the same time. They say "life and death are in the gaps", this course fills those gaps. 

Enabling Objectives
-Understand and demonstrate qualities of good stance and position in adverse situations.
-Learn high-level close quarter controlling techniques
-Acquire clear and unobstructed draw stroke of pistol and blade in close quarter scenario
-Combine combative skills with weapon manipulation and integration.
-Mindset and methodology 
These skills are tested by time and in force on force scenarios. We can duplicate situations and scenarios others have previously encountered, but not future scenarios. Therefore, this course is designed to help students think and not just memorize moves.
     Jason Kelly is an accomplished combative athlete with over 30 years of proven experience and instruction. Throughout his professional career, Jason has been recognized for his ability to turn athletes into world-class champions and develop intuitive weapons-based/weapon integration combative programs (pistol/carbine) for law enforcement agencies and military. As the first American Top Team wrestling coach who teaches athletes how to integrate high-level wrestling seamlessly with striking and grappling, a competitive shooter, and small unit tactics specialist, Jason blends proven techniques from each discipline into a holistic program that is difficult for others to duplicate. Jason conditions his clients to understand the human variables that normally dictate the close-quarters environment, and immerses them in unique and effective blocks of instruction to satisfy their specific needs. Whether it be an armed or unarmed circumstance, Jason’s programs are designed to protect against attack, while simultaneously generating options for his clients to control, attack, defend, or have the ability to disengage.

Open to first 40 people to e-mail CustomerService@511Broward.com.
$50 per person must be paid in advance. Cancellations within 48 hours of the event will lose their $50 fee. 

We look forward to seeing you there!


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